Moistö Vitamin C Concentrate Hydrating Moisturizer


Moistö Vitamin C Concentrate Hydrating Moisturizer

A lightweight, deeply hydrating facial cream infused with a blend of potent botanicals: Vitamin A, C, and E for brightening, anti oxidation and protection; combined with hyaluronic acid for deep hydration; and Rosewater for soothing and nourishing properties. It helps skin to attract and retain moisture, revealing a softer, smoother and fresher looking complexion with a healthy GLOW. Forming a protective moisturizing veil, it absorbs completely and almost instantaneously.

Ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Apricot Kernel Oil*, Vitamin E Oil*, Hyaluronic Acid, Rosewater, Rosehip Seed Oil*, combined with a blend of Essential Oils* including Lemon, Rose, Pomegranate, Frankincense*, Carrot Seed*

*Certified Organic Ingredients


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